Found an Adult Bird

I Found an Adult Bird, Now What?

Sick or injured adult birds in need of help can display the following characteristics:

  • Bleeding
  • Lack of balance
  • An inability to fly or flutter wings
  • Weak or shivering behavior
  • “Fluffed out” feathers
  • Lack of response to danger
  • Drooping wings, especially if wings droop unevenly
  • Evidence of a cat or dog attack
  • Lying on the ground
  • Sticky feathers or feathers coated with a substance such as oil or many other symptoms

Please call Greenwood Wildlife at (303) 823-8455 to discuss what you observe and to decide with a rehabilitator if the animal you see needs help.

If a bird has struck your window…

If Greenwood is not open, place the bird in a paper bag or a box with small breathing holes. Line the box with a t-shirt, pillowcase or paper towels. Make sure the bird is upright, and do not offer food or water.
Move the box indoors to a warm, dark, and quiet location away from predators. After an hour has passed, check the box to see if the bird is responsive. We recommend doing this outside in case the bird is ready to fly away. If it is still stunned, leave it in the box and call Greenwood during business hours, 9am – 4pm daily.

If you determine that an animal needs to be brought to our facility, please follow these instructions for capturing and transporting animals.

If you aren’t in Colorado, use the Animal Help Now website( or smartphone app to find a nearby wildlife rehabilitator.