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Release Site Program

Each of the nearly 200 species of wildlife we receive has its own unique habitat requirements that must be met in order for it to survive after release. With the rapid pace of development in Colorado, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find accessible, appropriate natural areas to use as release sites. Many of these animals simply need a place to get started, an area with suitable cover and resources where they can readjust to life in the wild before dispersing. Others need an area to call home, a place where they will establish a territory and become a functioning member of the local population. In either case, your property may help fulfill this need. Releasing animals back into the ecosystem is the final step for the thousands of animals Greenwood rehabilitates every year. Without the help of landowners who allow us to release animals on their property, our efforts to save wildlife would be in vain.

If you are an individual property owner with an appropriate habitat and you are interested in having animals released on their property for a second chance at life, please consider offering your land as a wildlife release site. We are always in need of safe and secure habitat for squirrels, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes. Please fill out this online form to indicate your interest in providing a release site location.

To mail your application, download the form below.

You can email the completed form to Greenwood’s Animal Care Supervisor, Amanda Manoa, or mail it to:

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Attn: Animal Care Supervisor – Amanda Manoa P.O. Box 18987 Boulder, CO 80308

Please contact us with any further questions.