Wildlife Education Programs

Would you like Greenwood to visit your class, scout troop, club, or other organization? Greenwood would love to talk to your organization about what we do, who we treat, and how you can help! From preschoolers to senior citizens, we can provide an age-appropriate program for your organization.

Program Description

Our presentations are filled with photos and stories of amazing animals that will entertain audiences of all ages. All programs will introduce the audience to the field of wildlife rehabilitation, and to the work that Greenwood does. More specific topics can be found on the appropriate program request form, below. We can provide programs for any age group, and can tailor the program to match the audience.

Greenwood does not bring live animals to programs. Every patient at Greenwood is a wild one and must remain wild so that they can return to their natural habitat. We do have animal artifacts such as nests, wings, feet, and skulls, as well as replica pelts, nest boxes and animal prints.

All programs must take place at your location. Greenwood cannot give tours of the Center due to liability issues.


Greenwood does ask for a $35 donation OR an in-kind donation from our current Wish List with a total value of at least $35.

Requesting a Program

Please use the form below to request a program for your group. You can email the completed form to AlieMoreno@greenwoodwildlife.org, or mail it to:

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Attn: Education and Front Desk Coordinator
P.O. Box 18987
Boulder, CO 80308

Microsoft Word icon Education Program Request (Word)

PDF icon Education Program Request (PDF)

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