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Whistlepig Flies (July 2022)

Annual Gala Benefits Orphaned and Injured Wildlife (July 2021)

Greenwood Wildlife’s COVID-19 Response (March 21, 2020)

Help Colorado’s Wildlife Rehabilitators on Your State Tax Return (March 4, 2017)

Celebrate National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day on March 10! (March 4, 2017)


Inside Edition: “Yellow-Bellied Marmot Hitchhikes from Colorado to Toronto, Canada” (Published 7/32/2022)

KUNC: Hitchhiking marmot visits Canada and returns safely home to Aspen” (Published 8/8/2022)

The Daily Camera: “Stowaway marmot returned to Aspen from Toronto” (Published 8/1/2022)

9News: “Marmot hitchhikes to Canada, then catches a cargo flight back to Colorado” (Published 6/26/2022)

The Daily Camera: “As spring storm brings uptick in injured, abandoned baby animals, specialists advise caution in aiding them” (Published 5/23/2022)

Denver Westword: “Best Thrift Store 2022”

Apartment Therapy: “These are the best thrift shops in every U.S. state.” (Published 3/08/2022)

The Longmont Times-Call: “Frederick High School senior, who longs to work with wildlife, rescues injured goose” (Published 01/26/2022)

The Daily Camera: ” Wildlife officials: Bobcat sightings, interactions on the rise in Boulder County, state” (Published 10/19/2021)

The Lark Bunting: “Rehab experts: There when the birds we rescue need them” (Published 2021)

Daily Camera: ” Wildlife experts suggest ways to keep birds safe from deadly disease” (Published 6/28/2021)

Left Hand Valley Courier “Peep. It’s Baby Bird Season at Greenwood Wildlife”(Published 5/28/2021)

Daily Camera: “Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Boulder County starts construction of its newest facility, a ‘bunny hotel'” (Published 4/17/2021)

Daily Camera: “Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, near Longmont, gearing up for a season of baby animal rescues” (Published 3/27/2021)

Estes Park News: ” A Few Stories from the Winter Season at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center” (Published 04/02/2021)

Inside Edition: “Goose survives being shot in the head with an arrow” (Published 04/01/2021)

Longmont Times-Call: “Elusive goose shot in face with arrow rescued by Boulder officers, recovering near Longmont” (Published 03/19/2021)

Longmont Times-Call: “This year’s Colorado Gives Day is especially important” (Published: 12/01/2020)

Daily Camera : “Wildlife rehab center warns residents glue traps can hurt small wildlife” (Published: 08/14/2020)

Longmont Times-Call: “Boulder and Broomfield county nonprofits care for birds injured during severe windstorm” (Published: 6/27/2020)

ezvid: “5 Organizations Working To Protect Wildlife” (Published 06/17/2020)

Longmont Times-Call: “Officials unsure of coronavirus sheltering effects on Boulder County wildlife” (Published: 03/24/2020)

CBS Denver: “Colorado Crafters Urged to Help Animals Injured In Australian Wildfires” (Aired 01/08/2020)

Daily Camera: “Rare black fox first visitor to Greenwood Wildlife’s renovated fox enclosure”(Published 11/24/2019)

Denverite: “Do Denver’s lit buildings kill birds? Nobody knows, so volunteers count” (Published 10/21/2019)

Broomfield Enterprise: “Broomfield’s Birds of Prey Foundation treating number of raptors injured by pellet guns” (Published 10/13/2019)

Daily Camera: “Boulder County’s Greenwood Wildlife debuts new crow aviary” (Published 9/1/2019)

KUNC: “How a wildlife center is teaching birds of a feather to avoid humans together” (Aired 8/13/2019)

Denverite: “How Denver deals with wild animals, in life and in death” (Published 7/8/2019)

Daily Camera: “Greenwood Wildlife urges Boulder County residents to cover window wells” (Published 4/27/2019)

9 News: “A bunch of baby foxes were rescued from a window well (and they’re super cute)” (Aired 4/12/2019)

Denver Post: “Greenwood rehab center gives wounded, orphaned creatures new lease on a wild life” (Published 11/25/2018)

Daily Camera: “Boulder County’s Greenwood Wildlife seeing an increase in animals being treated” (Published 9/1/2018)

Colorado Public Radio: “When Baby Geese Are Orphaned, This Wildlife Center Finds Them New Feathered Families” (Aired 5/14/2018)

9 News: “Wildlife center in Longmont needs your help to find foster families for orphaned geese” (Aired 5/10/2018)

Daily Camera: “Boulder County wildlife center on the lookout for geese to help find families for goslings” (Published 5/8/2018)

Daily Camera: “Exodus: Affordable stores leaving Boulder, stumping experts and worrying remaining low-income residents” (Published 2/24/2018, thrift store focused)

Longmont Times-Call: “Boulder County’s Greenwood Wildlife to celebrate rehabilitators appreciation day Friday” (Published 3/8/17)

Mental Floss: “Visit a Squirrel Hospital”

Denver Post: “Colorado wildlife experts work to nurse gull injured while eating a chicken nugget” (Published 12/20/16)

Daily Camera: “Tests on Nugget the gull inconclusive following chicken morsel mishap” (Published 12/20/16)

Daily Camera: “Boulder County’s Greenwood Wildlife caring for gull injured in chicken nugget mishap” (Published 12/14/16

9 News: “Adorable baby squirrels nursed back to health in Longmont” (Published and Aired 10/26/16)

Colorado Public Radio News: “As Colorado’s Wildlife Rehabs Dwindle, Squirrel Care Is Harder To Find” (Published 10/13/16)

Longmont Times-Call: “Longmont’s Greenwood Wildlife: don’t feed baby squirrels” (Published 9/24/16)

The Denver Channel: “Wildlife rehab center says some animals they take in didn’t need to be helped” (Published and Aired 6/30/16)

Longmont Times-Call: “Recovering raccoon euthanized one week after he was found trapped in Longmont” (Published 6/29/16)

Longmont Times-Call: “Longmont residents disagree about how to handle raccoons” (Published 6/23/16)

Longmont Times-Call: “Raccoon in paw trap found near Longmont park” (Published 6/21/16)

Daily Camera: “Renee St. Aubin: Deal with wildlife responsibly” (Published 6/14/16

9 News: “New duck dorms coming to Longmont wildlife facility” (Published and Aired 4/26/16)

Daily Camera: “Greenwood Wildlife meets fundraising goal for new duckling enclosure” (Published 4/22/16)

Daily Camera: “Boulder County’s Greenwood Wildlife Center raising money for new duckling enclosure” (Published 4/21/16)

Denver Post (Your Hub): “Spring Starts Busy Baby Season for Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center” (Published 4/4/16)

Daily Camera: “Some Boulder County animals licking wounds from wintry blast” (Published 3/25/16)

CBS Denver 4: “Goose Frozen On Wash Park Pond Rescued” (Published and Aired 12/4/15)

9 News: “Goose stuck 3 days in frozen pond rescued by Denver Fire” (Published and Aired 12/3/15)

Daily Camera: “Bird in north Boulder falls to case of avian pox” (Published 10/3/15)

Colorado Public Radio News: “For 9-Year-Old Girl, Birthdays Are About Saving Wild Animals” (Published 9/9/15)

Daily Camera: “Lafayette girl donates birthday gifts to wildlife rehabilitation center” (Published 9/4/15)

Denver Post: “Boulder wildlife rehab center helping hummingbird grounded by broken wing” (Published 7/30/15)

9 News: “Justin Beaver chips 2 front teeth after falling” (Published and Aired 6/24/15)

CBS Denver 4: “Wildlife Center Overwhelmed, Will Keep Taking In Animals In Need” (Published 6/17/15)

9 News: “Where to take injured, orphaned baby birds in Colorado” (Published and Aired 4/13/15)

Longmont Times-Call: “Lea Peshock” (Published 3/29/15)

9 News: “74 orphaned raccoons have a pool party, photo op” (Published and Aired 7/15/14)

Daily Camera: “Boulder Samaritan rescues 2 ducklings struck by rock-throwing kids” (Published 5/1/14)

Longmont Times-Call: “Boulder animal control opens investigation into injured ducklings” (Published 5/6/14)

Denver Post: “Injured Boulder ducklings “not out of the woods yet” (Published 5/3/14)


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