Volunteer at Greenwood

Since 1982, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has been dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife. We rely on volunteers to help provide quality care to thousands of wild birds and mammals each year at our facility in Longmont.

Most of our volunteers work directly with the wild animals, while others provide invaluable assistance with many other essential tasks.
Below are the volunteer positions we have available.

Animal Care Volunteers

Animal care volunteers are responsible for feeding, cleaning, and general care of the wildlife admitted to Greenwood. Specific duties include food preparation, hand feeding baby wildlife, cleaning cages, maintaining a clean environment, refreshing food and water in outdoor enclosures, and other duties as specified by staff supervisors.

We require that Animal Care Volunteers commit to one regular 5-hour shift per week for a period of 6 months minimum.

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M.I.C.E. Team Volunteers
(Most Important Care & Enrichment Team)

You cannot commit to the regular 5-hour shift per week and/or to the 6 months enrollment period? Our M.I.C.E. team provides more flexibility for volunteers who want to donate their time to help the animals and the staff at Greenwood.

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Community Service

Greenwood Wildlife accepts individuals ages 18 and older who need to complete court-ordered community service. To see if you are meeting our requirements, get more details and schedule your shifts, please call our front desk between 9 AM and 4 PM: 303-823-8455 or send an email to volunteers@greenwoodwildlife.org.

Volunteer Groups

Red Dot Storage volunteer group – August 2018

Greenwood Wildlife accepts groups of volunteers to do maintenance, gardening, and cleaning projects around the facility!

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Thrift Shop & Consignment Gallery Volunteers

Convenient location, flexible hours, and great opportunities abound at our retail store in Central Boulder.

We are looking for energetic, outgoing volunteers to represent and support our mission at the rehabilitation center. The stores offer a variety of tasks for a variety of talents.

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Education & Outreach Volunteers

Our Education & Outreach Volunteers visit schools, events, and other organizations to teach ways to coexist with our wildlife neighbors and what to do in case you ever find yourself in a situation with a wild animal.

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Fundraising – Special Events Volunteers

As a Fundraising & Special Events Volunteer, you will learn behind the scenes logistics of planning fundraising events and potentially volunteer at the events. It is a fun opportunity, and you’re directly helping to raise funds for Greenwood and awareness of its mission.

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How Kids Can Help!

Kids–want to help wildlife too? Too young to volunteer at Greenwood? There are still plenty of ways you can help the animals!

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Did you know…

The gas you use to get to Greenwood and perform other volunteer services is tax-deductible! Talk to a CPA to find out how.