How Kids Can Help

How Kids Can Help!

Fox squirrel in nest box

We get lots of requests from kids like you who want to help us care for our wonderful patients! Unfortunately, due to insurance and liability restrictions, we cannot allow anyone under age 18 to volunteer at the Center.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t help the animals! There are lots of ways to help without stepping inside the Center. We are always happy to help you help the animals. The following are fun and exciting ways to get involved!

Nest Boxes

The young mammals at Greenwood need a place to call home while they are in our care. This is a great project for all you handy kids who like to build things out of wood. You will need access to carpentry equipment and adult supervision. Contact us if you are interested and we can provide you with construction plans.

Collect Greens, Branches, Pinecones, and More

Eastern Cottontails, Canada Geese, Marmots, and many other species need to have fresh greens every day. This includes hand-cut grass, dandelion greens, and alfalfa. We also need fresh branches, pinecones, and logs to create a natural habitat in our patients’ enclosures. Please note: all items must be free of pesticides or fertilizers.

Consider donating the following:

  • Pinecones
  • Green branches with lots of buds
  • Stumps
  • Long, thick branches
  • Fresh, hand-cut grass

Items we can’t accept:

  • Woodchips
  • Cherry trees (toxic!)
  • Grass clippings from a lawn mower
  • Anything with fertilizer or pesticides on it

Wish List

There are many things we need to run our Center. Hold a bake sale, arrange a penny drive, or create your own fun way to raise money to buy items on our wish list! See our wish list.

Sponsor an Animal

Cottontail with greens

Greenwood receives between 2,000 and 3,000 animals a year! By sponsoring an animal, you can help provide the best care possible.

When you make a donation to sponsor an animal, you will receive a certificate with a picture of the animal and your name as the sponsor! You will also receive information about how that animal came to Greenwood and about that particular species.

Other benefits include a one-year membership, a newsletter, and a Greenwood sticker! Donations can be as small as $25. Learn more about sponsoring an animal.

Build Caging or Other Items

Greenwood is always looking to expand—whether it’s adding new cages or improving our existing ones. Some projects do not require carpentry work and can be done simply from home. Contact us if you are interested.

Eagle Scout Projects

Greenwood can help Scouts think of creative projects they can complete to earn their Eagle Scout Award, or you can contact us with ideas of your own.

Donate To Our Thrift Store

Did you know Greenwood has our very own thrift store in Boulder? We are always looking for gently used items to sell in our thrift store, where all the money raised goes to help the animals! If you have toys or clothes that you don’t use anymore, consider donating them to our thrift store. Learn more about our Thrift Store.