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How Can I Help?

First, call Greenwood at 303-823-8455.

If Greenwood is not open, place the bird in a paper bag or a box with small breathing holes. Line the box with a t-shirt, pillowcase or paper towels. Make sure the bird is upright, and do not offer food or water. Move the box indoors to a dark, warm, and quiet location away from predators. After an hour has passed, check the box to see if the bird is responsive. We recommend doing this outside in case the bird is ready to fly away. If it is still stunned, leave it in the box and call Greenwood. If you aren’t in Colorado, use the Animal Help Now website or smartphone app to find a nearby wildlife rehabilitator. If you are not in the United States, do a web search for “wildlife rehabilitator” or “injured bird” to find whatever nearby assistance may be available.

What is a window strike?

Birds hit windows because they mistake a reflection for a safe flight path or attack their own reflection in a misguided attempt to defend their territory. Striking a window can cause birds to be stunned. They lie on their back, flutter, and in some cases the collision can be fatal. The good news is there are ways to prevent these mishaps! If a bird does strike your window, Greenwood is here to help! Call 303-823-8455 between 9am—4pm daily.

Prevent Window Strikes

Internal building modifications Blinds and curtains can be used to eliminate the perception of flight paths. The best solution to break up these reflections is to modify them with visual deterrents. Feeder Placement If you feed birds, make sure to place feeders within three feet of windows. From this distance, birds leaving feeders generally aren’t able to build up enough momentum to hurt themselves if they fly into the glass.

External building modifications Apply visible markings to the outside of windows in patterns the birds can see. Most birds will avoid windows with vertical stripes spaced 4 inches apart or horizontal stripes spaced 2 inches apart. The stripes themselves should be at least 0.25 inches wide. External modifications can be achieved in several ways:

  • Window decals such as those offered by Window Alert (we sell these decals at our center in Lyons!).
  • Vertical or horizontal lines made with weather- resistant pens or bird tape.
  • Vertical parachute cords, strings of beads, or bamboo. Acopian BirdSavers are a commercially available option.

Bird Window Strikes