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Loon Alert!

    Loons can't walk on land.
    Loons can’t walk on land.

    Did you know that there are some birds that actually can’t walk on land?

    Some water birds such as grebes and loons are excellent swimmers and divers. Their legs are farther back on their bodies than most birds. This feature allows them to move faster under water, although it also makes them almost helpless on land.

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    Claus Von-Soots, Chimney Miracle

      Claus’ Twin

      January 2006-This is the time of year when many people turn their attention to chimneys. The cold weather finds many of us seeking warmth from these vestibules, and young children begin to anticipate the miraculous arrival of old Santa Claus through these unlikely entryways.

      Here at Greenwood, though, we often have chimneys on our minds during the warmer months, as many a tiny miracle are born in, or transplanted to, these dark dens. One such example is “Claus-Von-Soots,” or simply “Soots,” a baby raccoon so named for being covered in the persistent, black substance after coming down a chimney in September 2005.

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      The Crow Who Gave Up Smoking

        Smoke-free Crow

        In October 2004, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center treated a black crow with a unique condition, especially for a wild bird. The crow was suffering from nicotine addiction.

        Before coming to Greenwood, the crow had spent five months with a well-meaning caretaker who made three near-fatal mistakes.

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