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“A Place to Heal” Life Lessons from Wild Animals – Softcover


What can wild animals teach us about life? A lot, it turns out, if we are willing to listen and learn!

A Place to Heal—Life Lessons From Wild Animals contains poems and stories about some of the wild guests and patients at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Colorado.

Topics include: Taking care of wild orphan babies, types of injuries we frequently see, so called nuisance animals, the joy of releasing wild animals back into their natural habitat, the heartbreak of farewells, and how wild animals can be our teachers.

While the book touches on issues and topics of wildlife rehabilitation, its main focus is on the complex and significant relationships between humans and wild animals. The book highlights those moments of deep connection that can change us forever and turn us into kinder and more compassionate human beings.

100% of proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the operations of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for the rescue and rehabilitation of the wildlife all around us.

To avoid the $10 shipping fee, feel free to visit our Center and purchase your copy in person to take home right then. We will fulfill shipments within 7 days of the purchase date. 


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