Animal Care Volunteers

Animal care volunteers are responsible for feeding, cleaning, and general care of the wildlife admitted to Greenwood. Specific duties include food preparation, hand feeding baby wildlife, cleaning cages, maintaining a clean environment, refreshing food and water in outdoor enclosures, and other duties as specified by staff supervisors.

We require that Animal Care Volunteers commit to one regular 5-hour shift per week. 

Baby Squirrel Season

March–May & August–October

Baby squirrels are the first babies to arrive at Greenwood in the spring. We receive hundreds of Fox Squirrels in addition to Abert’s squirrels, Pine Squirrels, and assorted ground squirrels. Volunteers help syringe feed, clean cages, prepare meals, and assist with habitat enrichment, laundry and dishes.

Baby Bird Season


Hundreds of baby birds are displaced from their nests or separated from their parents every spring and summer. Baby bird volunteers syringe-feed, clean cages, prepare meals, and assist with habitat enrichment, laundry and dishes. Greenwood sees more than 100 species of birds every year. This is a great opportunity for an aspiring or seasoned birder!

Baby Raccoon Season


Due to the ever-increasing dilemma of humans and animals living closer than ever, Greenwood receives dozens upon dozens of baby raccoons and other urban wildlife that have been orphaned. Baby raccoon volunteers bottle-feed babies, clean cages, and help with meal preparation and habitat enrichment in addition to laundry and other cleaning duties. Baby raccoons are very cute but grow very quickly and can be very messy. This is a good opportunity for someone who is a hard-worker and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. NOTE:  To work with raccoons, your rabies vaccination must be current. Please call us if you have questions.

Waterfowl Season


Greenwood receives hundreds of orphaned ducks and geese of all types as well as injured adults. The Center has specialized care areas for waterfowl, where volunteers help clean cages and prepare meals. This is a fun job that includes hosing out cages and refilling pools daily while being in the cage or room with the patients. A willingness to get wet is a must!

Preferred Qualifications

  • Appreciation of all wild animals
  • Clear understanding of Greenwood’s mission
  • Willingness to get hands dirty
  • Patience and ability to communicate and work with others
  • 5-hour shift spent standing, walking, bending, twisting, and lifting
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Must be proficient in English to work/volunteer at the center.

Animal care volunteers need to be reliable in their commitment. We are a working wildlife hospital and expect animal care volunteers to show up for their shift as scheduled. Your presence is crucial in making sure the patients get proper care. If your schedule is unpredictable or if you have situations in your life at the present moment that may cause you to be frequently absent, please consider volunteering in a different capacity.


  • Applicants must be 18+
  • Must be proficient in English to work/volunteer at the center
  • Commit to one regular 5-hour shift per week (7am-12pm, 12pm-5pm, 5pm-11pm)
  • A reliable mode of transportation; there is no public service near the center
  • An updated tetanus shot
  • A donation of $25 will be requested to help fund the volunteer program

Why Become an Animal Care Volunteer?

Volunteers are a valuable resource at Greenwood and play an integral role in many of our projects. We rely on volunteers to help provide quality care to thousands of wild birds and mammals each year at our facility. Most of our volunteers work directly with the wild animals, while others provide invaluable assistance with many other essential tasks.

COVID-19 Update: At this time, Greenwood is still recruiting new volunteers, so feel free to apply! However, all animal care training sessions are postponed until further notice. This means you might only be able to join us later this summer, in the fall, or even only next year. Once you apply, you will be contacted when it is time for you to get started! Thank you! 

Interested? Please fill out an online application by clicking the link below:

>> Online ANIMAL CARE VOLUNTEER application form <<<

Questions? Please contact our Volunteer & Outreach Manager!