M.I.C.E. Team Volunteers

(Most Important Care & Enrichment Team)

You cannot commit to the regular 5-hour shift per week and/or to the 6 months enrollment period? Our M.I.C.E. team provides more flexibility for volunteers ages 18 and older who want to donate their time to help the animals and the staff at Greenwood.  M.I.C.E. team members have no direct contact with the animals, but play an essential role in keeping our rehabilitation center running smoothly. Cleaning animal cages/enclosures, helping with food preparation, doing laundry, washing dishes and ensuring the general cleanliness and organization of our facility is a rewarding way to help Greenwood and your local wildlife! M.I.C.E. Team volunteers are normally scheduled from 10am to 2pm, any day of the week.

PLEASE NOTE: All New applications received after SEPTEMBER 8th 2019 will be waitlisted.

Apply online now, or contact our Volunteer & Outreach Manager if you are interested in joining our M.I.C.E. team!