• header_squirrels

    We need release sites for squirrels!

    Greenwood is looking for a few good, privately owned spots to release some rehabilitated Fox Squirrels! Must have: -  a water source - trees - be willing to let rehabbers hang a...

  • babybird

    Bird Tawk by Tina Mitchell

    American Goldfinches—A Harbinger of Summer’s Close Many people think of robins as harbingers of spring. I think of American Goldfinches as harbingers of the end of the...

  • header_duckling

    What’s a Typical Day Like at Greenwood?

    Guest blogger Rachel Ames asks that very question. Read more about her observations! Read more…

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick wildlife. We are the largest wildlife rehabilitation center of this kind in Colorado, each year treating approximately 2,500 mammals, birds and waterfowl representing nearly 200 different wildlife species.

We also provide outreach programs for audiences of all ages regarding rehabilitation, humane solutions to human-wildlife conflicts, and how you can help Colorado’s wildlife.

We’re so glad you’ve stopped by. Please help us save Colorado’s orphaned and injured wildlife today!