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Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on May 8th! Migratory birds do so much for our ecosystem,
including the spreading of seeds, plant pollination, agricultural pest elimination, and so much more.
Let’s take a day to look for and celebrate our winged friends! Colorado is native to over 400 species of
bird, and it is right in the middle of the Central Flyway.
There are’s many migratory birds you may see in Colorado this time of year, including the Sandhill
Crane, Northern Goshawk, and Bald Eagle. Some smaller birds can be attracted to your backyard
with a bird feeder, but it’s important to have it set up correctly. While migratory birds benefit from
feeders by getting more nutrition for their long trip, you should always be careful that you are causing more good than harm. Here are a few tips for success!

  1. Place your bird feeder at least 30 feet from your home, and away from traffic. Birds are more
    likely to fly into windows when a bird feeder is too close to a house.
  2. Clean your bird feeders every two weeks and your hummingbird feeders every other day. It’s good to check them to ensure that mold and other contaminants haven’t taken hold in your feeder, and cleaning helps prevent the spread of disease between birds. Clean with protective gloves and nine parts water, one part bleach mix. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with hot water afterwards.
  3. Place multiple feeders at different heights, all under some form of canopy. Multiple feeders
    discourage crowding and disease transmission, and feeders that are out in the open are likely to
    attract birds of prey who may hunt the birds you’re feeding.
  4. Research what birds are in your area and put out the appropriate type of food. Never put out
    bread, chocolate, or leftovers!
  5. Feeding birds is not necessary, especially in spring and summer. If you don’t have safe
    conditions for your birds to feed (including outdoor cats), then it’s better to go to your local park
    and enjoy the birds there. We don’t want to do more harm than good!
    Snap pictures of cute birds you see! Are they migratory, and if so, how long are they in town? Tag
    Greenwood in your photos on Instagram(@greenwoodwildlife), Facebook(@greenwoodwildliferehabilitationcenter), and Twitter(@Greenwood_CO)!

World Migratory Bird Day