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Brrrr… Winter is coming and that means our wild friends will be looking for places to keep warm. Consider these wildlife proofing tips so that you don’t come home to discover uninvited guests in your house this season!

Before you get started, make sure there is no one living in spaces around your home already! They might stay under your shed or deck, in your chimney, or even find a way into your attic. Check out this diagram for an idea of where they like to hangout. If you can, block the entryway to these spaces with a ring of flour or paper taped over the hole. If the paper hasn’t moved or the flour is undisturbed in 72 hours, you are ready to start patching!

1. Check and cap chimney stacks and air vents.

You can buy a chimney cap that will keep wildlife out. We often hear stories of raccoon families that made their homes in chimneys! Find the caps you need here, at your local home improvement store, or on Amazon. Remember to select Greenwood as your Amazon Smile charity of choice!

2. Seal or patch your deck.

The space underneath your deck is a prime spot for wildlife to call home. Beat them to the punch by covering up any access points with wire mesh panels.

3. Repair holes in roofing.

Remember that story about the baby squirrels found in the wall of someone’s home? You can avoid that from happening to you by sealing holes before they find their way in!

A few other tips:

  • Trim overhanging tree branches (now is the time to trim because there are no babies in the nests your tree)
  • Use animal proof containers for storing food in the garage
  • Cover window wells
  • Don’t leave pet bowls outside
  • Periodically check RV’s and boats

Thank you for doing your part to keep out wildlife wild, instead of allowing them to become nuisances in your neighborhood. Your community will be an easier place to live because of it!

Give Greenwood a call if you have other questions or concerns when wildlife proofing. 303-823-8455


Winter Wildlife Proofing