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Our target price for an expanded fox enclosure was $20,000 and we reached our goal! THANK YOU to all that donated including Doug. The fundraiser was drawing to an end and, just when we thought we might not reach our goal, Doug stepped in to donate the difference of $7,820.

About the project….

This expansion means that our facility no longer has to transfer foxes to another rehabilitation center once they are big enough to be moved to outdoor caging.

Remember those fox kits we had to transfer to a bigger facility? With a bigger fox enclosure, we would have the ability to rehabilitate kits just like them! If that doesn’t get you excited, check out a few snapshots of these budding hunters.

New improvements will include:

  • Raising the height of the enclosure
  • A new metal roof for longevity
  • A skylight to let in more natural light
  • Ramps, platforms, and ledges for foxes to climb on

Renovating Our Fox Enclosure for Wildlife Wednesday