Found a Large Mammal

I Found a Large Mammal, Now What?


Greenwood does not rehabilitate deer, elk, bears, mountain lions, or other large mammals. Please contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife at (303) 291-7227 or visit

Reuniting Foundling Fawns to Mother Does

If you encounter a foundling that appears to be separated from its mother, follow these general rules and guidelines when attempting to reunite them:

  • Return the fawn as soon as possible as the does’s milk will begin to dry up in 24 hours
  • Human and/or dog scents will NOT keep a doe from accepting the fawn
  • The fawn/doe bond is very strong. Hoof scent glands are individual to each animal and help them find one another. A fawn has a nursing cry to which a doe responds.
  • You can also play sounds of a fawn calling for it’s mother from your smartphone to help attract the mother back to the baby.
  • Return a fawn as close as possible to where it was found. Keep people and pets away. If near a home, limit use of the area as much as possible. If in a garage or frequently used area, move it to a nearby isolated area.
  • After placing a fawn on the ground, leave quickly! The fawn may be confused and try to follow someone leaving the area too slowly. Don’t make the fawn lie down; it’s OK if it walks away – it knows where it’s going.
  • If dogs have chased the fawn, return the animal to nearby woods or a field while keeping the dogs contained for several days, as they will follow the scent.
  • If a fawn is found near or in a road, move the animal out of right-of-way, preferably on the safe side of a fence. If you know which direction the fawn was headed, gently move the animal out of harm’s way onto the appropriate side of the road or fence.
  • Allow the fawn to be undisturbed for at least 10 hours before checking the area; leave the animal undisturbed overnight if possible, as deer are most active after dusk and before daylight.
  • If a fawn is found in the same location after 10 hours, re-evaluate the animal’s health status and contact Colorado Parks & Wildlife.