Found a Bunny

I Found a Bunny, Now What?

NOTE: We give the mother every opportunity to raise her babies. We encourage reuniting before rescuing. If you have questions, call Greenwood Wildlife (303) 823-8455

Rabbits make their nests in shallow depressions in the grass. The nest is lined with fur and loosely covered with grass. Rabbits have evolved to have a stomach capacity larger than other mammals and are able to hold a great deal of milk. As a result, the mothers only visit the nest twice a day (early morning and dusk) to feed the babies, thus reducing the chances of attracting predators to the nest.

Baby rabbits are often found when people or pets disturb the nests. If this is the case, you should call Greenwood Wildlife at (303) 823-8455 for further assessment.

If you happen upon a nest that has not been disturbed by people or other animals and are concerned that the babies might be orphaned:

1. Visual check that the babies are not injured. DO NOT TOUCH THE NEST.

2. To determine whether the mother is still caring for her babies, place sticks in a Tic-Tac-Toe formation on top of the nest, wait until the next day, and look to see if the sticks have been disturbed. Rabbits only visit their nests at dawn and dusk.

If you find healthy bunnies that are at least five inches long, able to hop, with eyes open and ears up, they do not need help. They are able to survive on their own and should be left alone.

Baby rabbits should be picked up only as a last resort, such as when you know that the parents are dead or injured. Young rabbits are difficult to rehabilitate and more often than not, do not survive the stress of being handled.

If the parents do not return, or the bunny needs help…

If the rabbit is showing signs of injury, or the parent does not return, please call Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at (303) 823-8455 to discuss what you observe and to decide with a licensed wildlife rehabilitator if the animal you see needs help.

If you determine that an animal needs to be brought to our facility, please follow these instructions for capturing and transporting animals.