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Found a Bat


Never handle a bat with your bare hands! Bats are a rabies vector species.

Greenwood does not have a license to rehabilitate bats. You can call us to find resources on bat rescue at (303) 823-8455 or you can immediately call Colorado Bat Crew at (866) 909-2287.

If your pet comes in contact with a bat or you find one in or around your house, call your local health department for instructions. Take precautions so you’re not bitten or scratched. Wear heavy gloves or use a stick or a shovel to pick up the bat. Confine it in a container, such as a coffee can. Slide cardboard under the can and tape it closed.

If your pet is involved, contact your veterinarian in addition to your local health department.  

If a bat is found roosting in an unusual area, it should be left undisturbed until nightfall when it should leave to find a more suitable roost site.

If you have any further questions or concerns about bats, please contact Greenwood Wildlife at (303) 823-8455 or Colorado Bat Crew at (866) 909-2287.