Found a Bat

I Found a Bat, Now What?


Never handle a bat with your bare hands! Bats are a rabies vector species.

As of 2021, it is illegal to rehabilitate bats in Colorado. Please call Greenwood for more information at (303) 823-8455.

If your pet catches a bat or you find one in or around your house, call your local health department. Take precautions so you’re not bitten or scratched. Wear heavy gloves or use a stick or a shovel to pick up the bat. Confine it in a container, such as a coffee can. Slide cardboard under the can and tape it closed.

Contact your local health department or animal control office to report the incident. These agencies can determine if the bat can be released or should be tested. If your pet was bitten by a bat, had a bat in its mouth, or was near a grounded bat, contact your veterinarian in addition to your local health department or animal control office.

If a bat is found roosting in an unusual area, it should be left undisturbed until nightfall when it should leave to find a more suitable roost site.

If you have any further questions or concerns about bats, please contact Greenwood Wildlife at (303) 823-8455, or contact a local licensed bat rehabilitator, Donna Nespoli, at Colorado Native Bird Care & Conservation at (303) 823-2326.