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Decorations on the exterior of homes are potential hazards for wildlife. Entanglement is a common occurrence during the holidays due to these unnatural additions. Wildlife often need help from licensed rehabilitation centers to be cared for and released back into the wild. Let’s ensure this Halloween isn’t a scary one for wildlife.

Below are seven examples of ways to prevent wildlife from becoming harmed on this spooky holiday:

  1. Fake spider webbing can entangle wildlife. To avoid causing unnecessary injuries, please do not use these types of fibers. Inform your neighbors of their dangerous decorations and encourage them to check their webbing multiple times a day – morning and evening at the very least.
  2. Avoid decorations with loops or closed circles that can act as snare, trapping and choking wildlife. This can be a slow, painful death for creatures.
  3. Consider the placement of your decorations, avoiding flowering plants, animal trails, and around trees. Try to chose areas that animals are not wandering or flying through often.
  4. Be cautious when driving on Halloween night. It is a change in the daily routine for nocturnal wildlife, such as raccoons, bats, and owls. Animals are also not used to humans running around in scary costumes during any part of the day. Additionally, use lite pathways and avoid cutting through bushy areas when animals could be spooked.
  5. Reduce waste as much as possible and buy your custom second-hand. Greenwood has a thrift shop that offers many options to create the perfect, sustainable Halloween costume. 
  6. Decorations should not resemble edible treats for wildlife. Purchase items without small parts that dangle or flutter in the wind. You can also cut off these potential dangers.
  7. Place candy and carved pumpkins away from wildlife, even post-Halloween if you don’t want any trashcan ‘trick-or-treaters.’ Small wraps can cause harm if swallowed. It is a good idea to place your Jack-o-lanterns inside for bedtime.

If you notice an animal in trouble, please call Greenwood at 303-823-8455. We are open 9 am – 4 pm, seven days a week. Thank you for your support in protecting wildlife during this time.

Seven Ways to Keep Halloween Safe for Wildlife