How to Ensure this Halloween isn’t a Scary One for Wildlife

Halloween can be a dangerous time for wildlife, given all the exterior decorations and candy wrappers laying around. Below are a few examples of ways you can prevent wildlife from becoming harmed on this spooky holiday.

Candy may be a treat for you, but the wrappers it comes in are a choking hazard for wildlife. This year especially, we will see more candy bowls left out on the front porch as a Covid-19 safety precaution. If you plan on doing so, keep a lid on the bowl so that wildlife can’t get their hands on it. Additionally, please don’t leave any candy wrappers behind and pick up any you see. 

Fake spider webbing can leave wildlife entangled and even choke them. To avoid causing unnecessary injuries to our wild critters, please do not use these types of spooky decorations. 

Halloween night is a change in the daily routine for nocturnal wildlife. The animals who are awake during the day are not used to humans running around in scary costumes. Please be cautious when driving and be on high alert for what might run in front of you. It’s important to remember that we’re living in their home too. 

Additionally, reduce waste as much as possible and buy your custom second-hand. Greenwood has a thrift shop that offers many options to create the perfect, sustainable Halloween costume. 

If you notice an animal in trouble, please call Greenwood at 303-823-8455. We are open 9 am – 4 pm, seven days a week.

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