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Greenwood is seeking release sites for its wild patients. We strive to bring animals back to where they originally came from but sometimes that site proves hazardous such as a waste-water treatment plant or from the middle of a city. Wild patients are required to return to within ten miles of their original location and we have to bring them to private property where we can speak with the owner to find out who (or what) already inhabits that land. If you or anyone you know would like to nominate your property as a release site, here is your chance! Participants have the opportunity of attending releases too!

Volunteers and the public work together to release rehabilitated patients.
Volunteers and the public work together to release rehabilitated patients.

An ideal release site really depends on the species. Greenwood receives over 130 species including birds and small mammals. Some of the most common species are raccoons, fox squirrels, cottontails, foxes, waterfowl, pigeons and songbirds.

A good raccoon site will be away from busy streets in a more natural environment with big trees and a water source. Raccoons can do fine being released in someone’s backyard as long as there are places to hide and climb. If you have wandering pets, these may not be good candidates for you.

A good fox squirrel site will be away from busy streets, with tall trees next to each other in order to promote “tree-top travel” and a place to hang a nest box. A good water source is a plus.

Foxes need a large field to hunt and a place to burrow. Foxes are very wary of humans and need to be in an unpopulated area.

Cottontails like areas where they can hide easily with pesticide-free grass to graze.

Pigeons are usually released in an area where their kind already inhabit. Someone who provides bird seed in a clean feeder would be a candidate to host these gentle birds.

Songbirds differ on their needs. If you find that you have one kind of bird visiting your yard, it is a sign that you can support that species.

To learn more and to fill out a release site form, visit our release site page. We need sites in every city! Thanks!

Welcome a Wild Animal to YOUR Property