You can help a baby raccoon join their mother again with a few simple steps. Greenwood has already had several success stories this year of babies returning to their mothers. This is the ideal outcome, since the natural mom is what is best for the baby! Follow step by step instructions by visiting our ‘Reunite a Raccoon’ page or by watching this video on YouTube. If you need to access baby raccoon sounds to attract mom to your reunite box, click here.

January 2006-This is the time of year when many people turn their attention to chimneys. The cold weather finds many of us seeking warmth from these vestibules, and young children begin to anticipate the miraculous arrival of old Santa Claus through these unlikely entryways. Here at Greenwood, though, we often have chimneys on our minds during the warmer months, as many a tiny miracle are born in, or transplanted to, these dark dens. One such example is “Claus-Von-Soots,” or simply “Soots,” a baby raccoon so named for being…

By Ellie Peevler, Spring 2004 Spring 2004-Now in my 13th season of volunteering at Greenwood, I’ve been involved in a number of releases but had never seen any coons released, and when I walked into the Center the morning of March 4, they were just getting ready to do this. This is a somewhat quiet time right now, so I asked the Animal Care Manager if I could go along since it would be a first for me, and of course she said I could.