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1.a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is home to some heroes. The folks that put their scrubs on every morning and prepare for a day of saving lives–and losing some. Every day consists of challenges. Splattered with unmentionables, grazed by talons and claws, and whipped with tails and wings; yet they choose to work at Greenwood. Many people don’t know about this profession and the sacrifices rehabbers make. Rehabilitators have to make sure baby birds are fed every 15 minutes, even late through the night or skip meals to make sure animals are cared for.

Wildlife; from the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in CO. Aug 23, 2017; © Ken Forman

On March 10th, we dedicated a national holiday to these humane heroes: National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day, founded in 2017. On this day, we encourage animal and wildlife lovers alike to contribute to the cause that wildlife rehabbers around the state pour their hearts into. We’ve compiled a list of ways to support and bring awareness:

  1. Give some time. Wildlife rehabbers need more than two hands to handle the animals that need them, which is why WE need YOU. Volunteer with us!
  2. Give some cheddar. Wildlife rehabbers need supplies in order to do their job well. Donating money is a great way to ensure these heroes continue their work. Plus it may be tax deductible.
  3. Give some knowledge.Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about local rehab  centers and rehabilitators. Often times, folks don’t know what to do with injured or orphaned wildlife. Stop by our thrift and consignment store in Boulder, or by the Rehab center in Lyons to grab a few fridge magnets that have our info on them. Or like and share our page on social media!

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day–Wildlife Heroes