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While Greenwood is an organization that prides itself on the rehabilitation of individual animals, we also hope our efforts benefit the entire ecosystem and it’s species. Species that are on the decline are categorized as “endangered” or “threatened” by Federal and State laws. They are meant to be protected under those laws. While Greenwood doesn’t often rehabilitate endangered animals, we do bolster Colorado’s wildlife in any way that we can.

Because Endangered Species Week is here, we thought we might highlight the magnificent success of Lynx reintroduction into Colorado. Lynx are moderate sized mountain cats with large paws and a stubby tail. Their primary sources of food are animals that we rehabilitate more commonly such as ground birds and small mammals.Without these animals, Lynx would not have been able to survive reintroduction into Colorado.

Lynx (Photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Lynx once roamed the mountains of Colorado before the 1970s, when they were decimated from our lands. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reintroduced the lynx at the end of the 1990s. Soon, breeding pairs had Lynx kittens and with many calculated efforts made by land managers for the species to survive, Lynx were sighted throughout Colorado. Wildlife are connected in an interwoven food web that must be supported from all ends in order for charismatic species like the Lynx to survive.


Lynx Return to the Colorado Rockies