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Lights Out Colorado: Supporting Bird Migration & Conservation Efforts

As the leaves begin to awake from their long winter slumber here in the beautiful state of Colorado, we are reminded of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us in nature. For migrating birds, Colorado is a crucial pitstop on their long journey returning from their Southern habitats. With Lights Out Colorado, a statewide program focused on reducing light pollution; Greenwood Wildlife encourages individuals and businesses to make a small but powerful change to help protect these delicate birds and conserve energy. Here are four reasons why Lights Out Colorado matters, and how you can join the cause.

Take Action to Protect Migrating Birds 

When it comes to migrating birds, making their journey can be riddled with dangers along the way. One of the biggest threats is light pollution in urban areas. Lights left on at night can disorient birds and cause them to collide with buildings or become trapped indoors. By joining Lights Out Colorado and turning off exterior lights at night, we are providing our feathered friends with a safe nocturnal haven. 

Promote Energy Conservation 

Did you know that light pollution wastes billions of dollars each year in energy costs? According to the International Dark-Sky Association, outdoor lighting consumes about 120 terawatt-hours of energy a year in the United States alone. By turning off your exterior lights during migration periods, you help conserve energy, save money, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Be Part of a Statewide Movement 

Lights Out Colorado is a community-driven initiative that raises awareness about light pollution and its impacts on bird migration. It brings individuals together to protect and conserve wildlife while promoting energy efficiency. By participating in this event, you become an advocate for our environment and become an example for others. 

Supporting Bird Conservation

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By supporting Lights Out Colorado, you become part of a bigger picture — conserving and protecting birds. The movement acts as a reminder of our common duty to protect the natural world and work towards a sustainable future. 

Join Us in Supporting Lights Out Colorado 

Join us in supporting Lights Out Colorado by taking action and turning off your exterior lights during April-May and August-September. Here at Greenwood, we understand the importance of protecting wildlife and supporting conservation efforts, and together, we can make a difference for our migrating bird population and support a cleaner, more sustainable future.
Learn more about Lights Out Colorado.

Lights Out Colorado: Supporting Bird Migration & Conservation Efforts