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There are many ways you can help wildlife at home. Simple steps such as growing native plants, not using harmful pesticides on your yard, and providing water stations are all things that can essentially help the wellbeing of wildlife in your area.

Growing Native Plants

Photo by David M. Shipper/Audubon Photography Awards.

Planting native plants is a great way to support wildlife around your home and provide them with the right nutrients. Native plants provide birds with many benefits such as nesting materials, shelter, and food. The Common Sunflower is a great plant that provides seeds for birds such as finches, sparrows, woodpeckers, and jays. The Columbine is a plant that provides nectar for hummingbirds, sparrows, and warblers. 

Avoid using harmful pesticides and insecticides

 Photo by Irene Mei via Creative Commons.

Spraying your lawn with poisonous chemicals has the potential of harming and even killing many animals along the way. Such animals include birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, and even pets. Insects are not only pollinators but they’re also decomposers and food for other larger animals. Without them, the ecosystem would crumble. Simply go the extra mile and pull your weeds by hand.

Water Stations

Colorado’s dry climate can make water scarce and leave wildlife dehydrated, especially during the hot summer days. Setting up watering stations around your yard is a great way to supply animals with fresh water. It also provides them a cool place to bathe. Whether you have a birdbath or you’re setting out an empty container, always make sure the water is clean and placed in a shady area. Additionally, place a rock or branch in the water to ensure the animal is able to get out safely.

If you are planning to use one of the steps above, please remember to keep the area sanitary in order to avoid diseases such as Trichomoniasis, Aspergillosis, Salmonella, and West Nile Virus from spreading. For example, bird baths that have been left unattended and dirty can ultimately turn into a vector for diseases and a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Weekly cleanings can help prevent harmful diseases from spreading.

How you Can Help Wild Bird Species from Home