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Greenwood is celebrating the amazing work that wildlife rehabilitators do on March 10th! National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day (NWRAD) was created to recognize and raise awareness about the thousands of licensed wildlife rehabilitators across the United States who selflessly and tirelessly care for orphaned and injured wildlife so that they can be released back into their natural habitats.

Here’s how you can help show appreciation:
1. Send your local wildlife rehabilitator a simple “Thank you!” card. You can send mail to:

By snail mail:

P.O. Box 18987
Boulder, Colorado, 80308

2. Bring individually packaged snacks to rehabilitators!

Sometimes these hard workers are so busy making sure all the animals are fed, they forget to feed themselves! If you decide to bring snacks to Greenwood, make sure to call ahead first (303) 823-8455.

3. Contributing to our Spring Supply Drive Wildlife.

Wildlife rehabbers need supplies to do their job well. Donating the essentials is a great way to ensure these heroes continue their work. Plus, it may be tax-deductible. Explore our Amazon link below:

4. Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about local rehabilitation centers and rehabilitators.

Oftentimes, folks don’t know what to do with injured or orphaned wildlife. Like and share our Facebook page or an Instagram post to get the word to even more people!

5. Set up a recurring monthly gift to show your appreciation year-round!

As a small nonprofit, Greenwood needs reliable sources of income to continue with our mission to rehabilitate and release animals. Without these funds, our wonderful rehabilitators could not care for wildlife in need.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Cynomys ludovicianus

Help Us Celebrate National Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Appreciation Day