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We get it. Your cat went outside once and now reeks havoc on your sanity anytime you try to keep her indoors. The meowing and scratching is incessant and every time you try to open the door she makes a run for it. Low and behold, now you have an outdoor cat. If your cat absolutely MUST be outside, there are things you can do to help curb the tireless murder spree of birds, bunnies, and snakes. Here is our list of helpful solutions to keep cats from killing (or at least killing less):

  • Catio –  This outdoor structure can be a chic, customizable,  permanent or mobile, and allows your sweet fur baby the much needed time in the outdoors while keeping them out of claws reach when it comes to wild animals. You can even build your own.

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  • Feline leash – Give your cat a dose of the outdoors by taking them on a daily walk! Cat harness and leash sets are a cheaper alternative to the catio, and give you a great opportunity to bond with your pet.
  • Clown collar –  While the first two options are preferred, this bright fashion statement works to slow down your cat and make them noticeable. This means animals have the chance to escape before your fur baby gets too close. The bulky nature of the collar gives cats slightly less range of motion so they can still explore the backyard with less chance of injuring an innocent baby bunny. These collars have been scientifically proven to reduce the number of birds caught by your cat by 87%. Cat, clown collar, protecting birds, cat fashion, #bringbirdsback
  • Cat fence – This design allows you to keep your pet in the backyard. The fence has an overhang that prevents your precious kitty from climbing up and over.

If you still don’t think your cat can transition to a semi-indoor life, read this short article by the Humane Society of the United States about ways to make the change go smoother for you. It is possible, and safer, for your cat to stay indoors. The local wildlife will thank you!

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