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Help injured and orphaned wildlife by making a voluntary contribution to the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Cash Fund on your Colorado tax return this year.  Donating to this fund will help support licensed wildlife rehabilitators that care for these animals through Colorado Parks & Wildlife programs, often at their own expense.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has opted out of receiving these funds for now. Having a stable, funded network of rehabilitators helps to relieve the animal overload that all Colorado wildlife rehabilitation organizations are experiencing. This means that as a whole, the rehabilitation community will be able to continue to care for as many wild animals as possible.

Rehabilitation centers, like Greenwood, provide care for orphaned and recovering wildlife, a conservation service that these threatened and vulnerable animals otherwise would not receive,” said Linda Tyler, Executive Director of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. “Without the support of voluntary contributions, the wildlife rehabilitation community could not do the vital work we do.”

To make a voluntary donation when filing your 2017 state tax returns, fill out line No. 1 of Colorado tax form 104CH (the Voluntary Contributions Schedule form). Donations are tax-deductible and help support around 750 species of wildlife that cannot be hunted, fished or trapped.

Donate on Your Tax Return to Support Colorado’s Wildlife