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What is Colorado Gives Day?

Coloradans are encouraged to join the statewide Colorado Gives Day movement by supporting their favorite causes online through Give Where You Live on Colorado Gives Day, December 6, 2022.

Every online donation made on during the giving period from November 1st to December 6th is boosted by the incentive fund. For example, if a nonprofit organization receives 10 percent of the total donations made up to Colorado Gives Day, that same nonprofit receives 10 percent of the $1 Million Incentive Fund.

Why donate to Greenwood?

Five hundred more wild patients have come through our doors this year by the end of September compared to 2021, totaling over 4,200 animals in need of our care.

As the largest facility of its kind on the Front Range, the wildlife need our services and depend on us to provide food, shelter, and enrichment while they recover, grow, and thrive. You can help us give wild lives a second chance.

What does your donation help Greenwood do?

$10 pays for one animal’s radiograph

$50 buys 11lbs. of small fish for diving waterbirds
$1,000 helps us buy mealworms for one month

How can I participate?

  • Starting November 1st, you can place your donation for Colorado Gives Day. All donations from 11/1 – 12/6 will count toward the incentive fund which helps Greenwood receive even more donations for the critters. We couldn’t do this work without supporters like you! 
  • Follow our social media channels in the coming weeks to hear stories of our patients returning to the wild, watch amazing videos of our patients’ healing and more reasons why you should give on Colorado Gives Day! Find us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re just as passionate as us, share the posts on your own social channels too!
  • Encourage your workplace to give in your own fundraiser! Share this page in an email.
  • Donate a portion of your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)! This feature allows you to give any time of the year to charitable organizations. What makes it better is that these contributions are free from federal income tax. If you are 72 or older and need to take minimum distributions from your tax-deferred retirement account, try charitable giving! If you want to read more about this giving mechanism and its benefits click here.
  • Consider starting a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and reap tax benefits with a carefully managed, tax-free fund.


Email Amanda, our Executive Director at or call our Center at 303-823-8455.

“Give a Buck” on Colorado Gives Day