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Earth is home to an incredibly diverse variety of flora and fauna. Today is Earth Day, and we want to share all of the ways you can celebrate the planet and the wildlife that call it home.  Take action today and show our Earth some love!

Take Action

There are activities you can do to help make our planet a better place or just show your appreciation! Check out these fun action items and do your part on Earth Day:

Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Want to explore the Earth with the click of a mouse? Use Google Earth to go on a scavenger hunt across any continent. Search for wild animals or virtually “hike” around your favorite National Park.

Go on “Litter Patrol”

The trash scattered throughout your neighborhood parks and streets has the potential to harm wildlife. Plastic bottles can get stuck on their head or fishing line wrapped around their limbs. You can help make public spaces look beautiful and respect wildlife by picking up litter! Bring a pair of gloves and a waste bucket when walking your dog or taking a stroll through the park.

Calculate Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint refers to the amount of Carbon gas you and your family’s activities emit into the atmosphere. Carbon is a major contributor to climate change, so reducing its prevalence will help us begin to combat global warming. You can do a lot to cut down your usage and produce less carbon! Calculate yours by using this online calculator, and afterward, you will get tips on how to reduce!

A good place to start scaling back your Carbon Footprint is to have one meatless dinner every week. Find a few Earth conscious cooking recipes here.

Help Your Backyard Become a Wildlife Haven

Wildlife habitat is dwindling as human development expands. You can do things to provide more space for wildlife in your backyard. For example, you can build a simple bird feeder, construct an insect hotel, or plant a tree.

Play Nature Bingo

If your backyard is already a haven for wildlife, think about playing some nature bingo! This fun game requires you explore until you find nests, bugs, and tracks. Get the whole family to play nature bingo!


Join in on a Live Nature Camera

Watch animal behavior and discover new species you have never seen in your own backyard! Use these Live Cams to appreciate nature all from your living room.

Watch an Earth Themed Movie/Video

Watch YouTube videos and documentaries to get yourself thinking about all the beautiful places and diverse wildlife on Earth!


Listen to a Podcast

WOW in the World is a kid’s podcast that allows you to learn about bats, worms, and other fun topics. These short listens that will get your kiddos excited about the Earth!

Celebrate Earth Day