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Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in CO. May 4, 2019 ; © Ken Forman

Greenwood is situated on 2.84 acres of land surrounded by agriculture and mining on all sides. Our building is 5,074 square feet, separated into different rooms that each serve a specific purpose. Various outdoor enclosures are behind the main building, and this is where we house animals that are almost ready for release. Staying in this caging allows them to acclimate to the outside before they are returned to the wild.

Since the areas where we care for animals are closed to the public you can tour our outdoor facilities by scrolling through drone footage or a 360 degree photo.

Greenwood Drone Footage

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center does not offer tours of our site. In order to protect the patients in our care, we minimize interactions with humans as much as possible. That is why we have created a virtual tours!

See key below.
1. Lobby14. Quarantine Room
2. Office15. Fox and Coyote ICU
3. Office16. Waterfowl Room
4. Office17. Squirrel/Crow ICU
5. Small Rodent Room18. Squirrel/Bird Nursery
6. Mammal Intake19. Storage
7. Laboratory/Pharmacy20. Animal Kitchen
8. Bird Intake21. Storage
9. Bird ICU22. Laundry
10. Mop Room23. Breakroom
11. Raccoon Preparation24. Bathroom
12. Raccoon Laundry25. Lavatory
13. Medium Mammal Nursery