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You never know what to expect at Greenwood. In the busy season we usually receive an average of 10-15 animals coming through our door a day. So when Animal Control showed up with a box containing 53 baby birds, we were stunned. What did she mean “53 baby birds”?! How could that be possible? Greenwood usually receives individual babies that have fallen from the nest or entire nests that have fallen down but never this many at one time.

Fledgling Blue Jay - One of the birds that was kidnapped.

Apparently, a fifteen-year old boy had gone under a Longmont bridge and removed every healthy baby bird from their nests when they were under the supervision and care of the adult birds. He had brought them home and kept them in his home while his friends and he attempted to care for them. The boy’s mother discovered their attempt and called Animal Control and the birds were confiscated and brought to Greenwood.

In the state of Colorado, it is illegal to try and care for wildlife without a license. It is also illegal to remove birds from their nests. In addition, wild animals deserve the care of a trained professional, a wildlife rehabilitator. When the birds arrived at Greenwood, they had deserved such improper care that only 13 could be saved. As of today, all 13 birds have been successfully released!

On average it costs $180 to rehabilitate one animal at Greenwood. We are not funded by any government agencies and rely on public donations to operate. We also have almost 100 volunteers that help with hands-on animal care and are always looking for more!

53 Baby Birds arrive at Greenwood