They’re Wild Ones, Let’s Keep Em’ That Way

A baby raccoon may look like it could be a cuddly pet, but there are many reasons why they don’t belong on your couch.  Raccoons are like the other wild animals that inhabit Colorado, they will resort to instincts that help them survive. That means this fuzzy ball of cuteness could one day turn into an unruly house guest. We’ve heard stories where a raccoon raised from infancy got out and attacked a kid in their neighborhood, or bit the family dog.

There are reasons why it’s illegal to house native wildlife at home.

Consider that the animals that roam our green spaces here in Colorado belong to all of us. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a strong philosophy that all wild animals in Colorado should remain wild so that we all might experience them in their natural habitats.

Recognize that wild animals can often contract diseases that can spread to humans, domestic pets, and livestock. By housing them you, your neighbors, and the community are at risk for such diseases.

If all that still doesn’t deter you from taking in a baby squirrel, keep in mind that it is illegal to take a wild animal out of the woods and raise it. Greenwood is able to rehabilitate wildlife with the intention that we will return it to the wild. We have a license to provide such a service to these animals. Not only does it serve them, but it also serves the folks that get to enjoy them where they were meant to be…in the wild.

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