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The baby wild ones need you!
by Laura Burfield, Greenwood Animal Care Liaison  

Nature has officially announced it’s baby season for our wild neighbors! Wild Parents everywhere are beginning their important business of bringing more babies into our world. Greenwood cares for thousands of baby birds, goslings, ducklings and baby mammals each year and mid-March marks this year’s official start of baby season at the Center. It takes extensive, dedicated care and profound generosity from many kind people to raise these spring orphans. We need every bit of your help that you can give and especially at this time of year. Greenwood’s Baby Shower Wish List details the things we need most to help our orphaned neighbors grow up healthy and strong so that they may be released back into their wild homes. These items range from food stuffs for so many hungry mouths to supplies for cleaning up all their messes. If you don’t have time to shop at a brick-and-mortar store, we’ve added online registries this year! Additionally, your monetary and in-kind donations make an absolute and crucial difference in the lives of these wild ones. Donations are tax-deductible and can be dropped off at the Center from 9AM – 4PM daily or at our Thrift Shop in Boulder during business hours.

Feather dusters mimic Mama’s feathers for ducklings, providing warmth and comfort.

This is an exciting but also very precarious time for wildlife as there are many uncertainties when raising wild broods and litters. Oftentimes, nesting and rearing activities are inadvertently disrupted or threatened by human interference. Bird and mammal Moms and Dads don’t know that their human neighbors have plans for cutting down trees or that the cozy nooks in our chimneys and roofs are off-limits to them. They’re simply choosing what’s safest, driest, and warmest for raising a family. (You can learn more about household wildlife solutions here.) Unfortunately, many of these human/wildlife conflicts result in orphaned babies who are unable to be successfully reunited with their mothers. Most of the time these disasters are caused unintentionally and, luckily for these babes, rescuers like you bring them to Greenwood where they get a second chance.

Thank you for stopping by Greenwood Wildlife and for your kind and caring support! We are all in this together.


Oh Baby, It’s Shower Time!