New Crow Aviary for Wildlife Wednesday – Help Greenwood Grow

Wildlife Wednesday was a huge success. Thank you for helping raise $23,420 to construct a new Crow Aviary.

About the project…

Our center is constantly growing to accommodate the rising needs of orphaned and injured wildlife in Colorado. Help support this growth by contributing to the purchase of a new Corvid Aviary, which will significantly expand our capacity for these large birds. The number of patients treated at Greenwood each year has been steadily climbing. Increases in patients are due to a number of factors, and the closure of other rehabilitation facilities in the State has left Greenwood as the only large facility in northern Colorado caring for songbirds, waterfowl and shorebirds, in addition to small and medium-sized mammals.

Architect’s sketch of Greenwood’s proposed Corvid Aviary (behind main intake building)

Click to view an interactive building model.

The new building will be constructed from a Do-It-Yourself building kit. We’ve been working with a local architect to design and plan and construction. The ease of construction will significantly reduce the amount of volunteer time needed. Here’s some additional information about the project:

  • The new aviary will expand Greenwood’s capacity for large birds
  • It meets all new standards for required uses of the building
  • It’s an incredible value for the cost and longevity
  • It allows quick assembly planned within two months of the start of the project
  • The building will provide a prototype for future replacement and improvement of facilities


Did you know? (Fun Facts about Crows)

Did you know that crows and their relatives are known for their intelligence? They are extremely adept at adjusting to and thriving in urban environments.

  • Can recognize and remember human faces (read more)
  • Conspire with and communicate with one and other about threats and other information (read more)
  • Have an amazing memory (read more)
  • Are exceptional tool users (see video)
  • Plan ahead by stashing food for when it gets sparse (read more)
  • Have tricks to fend off other crows that follow them to their stash of food
  • Are extremely adaptive (read more)

Please consider donating this Wildlife Wednesday to support Greenwood’s growth and ability to treat additional animals each year.

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