Wildlife at the Center; from the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in CO. Aug 29, 2018 ; © Ken Forman

Please DO NOT FEED baby squirrels. Many of the squirrels we’ve gotten recently have been fed by misinformed members of the public. This can eventually kill the baby. It’s heartbreaking for both the unknowing rescuer who fed the squirrel and for our Animal Care team. We all want to help these animals, but feeding them based on instructions or recipes you find online will only CAUSE HARM. At our rehabilitation center, they are fed by experienced staff and volunteers who have gone through many hours of training. They are fed specialty formula that cannot be found at your local store or made using ingredients you have at home. Even if the squirrel is found AFTER HOURS, DON’T FEED. This will give the animal the best chance possible when it gets into the appropriate care. Greenwood is open every single day from 9 am – 4 pm. We are taking squirrels from the entire Front Range. If you find an orphaned squirrel, call us (303-823-8455) as soon as you are able. Please share this message to help us do everything we can to prevent the death of these baby animals.

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