Mites Treatment

Identifying Mite Infestation

To spot them on an infested animal, you may notice “pepper-like dots” moving along the animal. You may also notice the “pepper-like dots” crawling on your hands when handling the animal. 

This picture shows mites crawling on a hand. Note the pepper-like appearance.

Defining Characteristics: 8 legs, typically the size of ground pepper, usually large numbers, under a microscope legs are sprawled straight and flat.



Symptoms: Anemia, skin wounds

What does the presence of mites tell us about the patient?

If a baby, the mother has been gone a while.

If an adult, it confirm the animal is somehow compromised. Healthy animal will keep mites in check.


Most mite species live on top of the skin and are easily taken care of with a few rounds of topical powder. All cage substrate will need to be changed frequently and re-powdered.