Flea Treatment

Identifying flea infestation

  1. Defining characteristics: Large back legs and “neck plate.” Usually lying on side when mounted on a microscope slide.


2. Host Symptoms: Annoying bites that itch.

What does the presence of fleas tell us about the patient?

  1. If the patient is a baby, flea infestation can confirm it is an orphan. The mother will keep babies free from fleas in the wild.
  2. If the patient is an adult, it confirms the animal is somehow compromised. Healthy animals will keep fleas in check.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gowns, gloves, and flea spray are worn by staff during course of treatment. Flea powder will be administered upon intake. It will be re-administered every time the bedding is changed. If infestation is severe, oral anti-parasitic will be given every 14 days.