Announcing our Limited Time Graphic Tee

Want to expresses your love for wildlife and raise money for the animals at Greenwood? Well, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we have an exciting new apparel design available in crewneck tee, V-neck, and a pullover hoodie just in time for fall. Choose between 12 different eye catching colors. Featuring a native wildflower, the coneflower, and a species Greenwood rehabilitates often, the Barn Swallow. This graphic tee not only shows off AWESOME wild things in Colorado, but also helps us fundraise so we can continue our work with these magical birds AND over 200 other species.

Just one example of how this merchandise benefits Greenwood lies in this story of two Barn Swallows. 

A man who gets up before the sun was taking his bike out for a morning ride. It was still dark and he heard a flutter on the ground near his feet. When he looked down to investigate, he noticed two birds that were stuck in a sticky substance and couldn’t fly away. He carefully removed them from the yuck but they didn’t seem like they were in great shape. He brought the two to Greenwood. Once they arrived, our staff bathed them to get rid of the gooey substance and assessed them for injuries. They were given some time to rest and recuperate before they were successfully released back into the wild. Without the man’s help, and the funds to buy the swallow’s medicine and food, we don’t know where these birds might be today. 

Your support goes beyond your dollars. By wearing around our logo, and telling people about our cause, you help educate folks on wildlife rehabilitation. 

Thank you for your support. We are extremely grateful and so are the Swallows!’

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