Who We Are

Greenwood’s mission is to rehabilitate orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife for release into appropriate habitats. We also strive to educate the public, emphasizing humane solutions to human/wildlife interactions.

Rehabilitation Center Year-Round Staff

Linda Tyler, Executive Director
Amanda Lau, Associate Director
Lea Peshock, Animal Care Supervisor, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Claudia Laprise, Volunteer & Outreach Manager
Amanda Manoa, Animal Care Technician, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Bob Nightwalker, Animal Care Technician, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Mysti Tatro, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Georgia Jallo, Administrative Assistant
MeLena Trujillo, Front Desk & Outreach Coordinator

Thrift Shop and Consignment Gallery Staff

Diane McCarthy, Retail Manager
Tamara Hampikian, Social Media/Sales Associate
Sales Associates:
Andi Winberg
Christine Blackmon
Deirdre Franklin
Freddie Gluck
Jamie Smart
Katie Little

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

Alison Hazel, DVM
Amanda Manoa
Amelia Gazzo
Bob Nightwalker
Chris Blackmon
Jan Bova
Josh Traver
Ingrid Thoenelt Winter
Lauren Olsen
Lea Peshock
Marla Browne
Mimi Gillatt
Rhonda Schaefer
Tallon Nightwalker
Tara Riley, DVM

Learn more about our staff here

Board of Directors

Kathy Lockhart, President
Brian Anderson, Vice President
Rick Bedell, Treasurer
Jeff Whiton, Secretary
Alisa Page
Annie Casey
D.D. Mallard
Gustavo Lozada
Ken Forman
Kiki Anderson
Nicholas Flores
Rebecca Teasdale
Sean Holt
Veronica Blazewicz

Learn more about our board here