Who We Are

Our Mission: Greenwood's mission is to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife for release into appropriate habitats. Greenwood also strives to educate the public, emphasizing humane solutions to human/wildlife interactions.

Fox squirrel patient

Rehabilitation Center Year-Round Staff

Linda Tyler, Executive Director
Jenny C. Bryant, Volunteer & Outreach Manager
Georgia Jallo, Administrative Assistant
Lea Peshock, Animal Care Supervisor, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Amanda Manoa, Animal Care Technician, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Bob Nightwalker, Animal Care Technician, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Thrift Shop and Consignment Gallery Staff

Roseanne Ashley, Retail Manager
Kerri Pearson, Assistant Manager – Consignment Store
Meira Merz, Assistant Manager – Thrift Store
Beth Rzasa, Relief Manager
Diane McCarthy, Consignment Associate
Heather Walsh, Sales Associate
Rebecca Pedersen, Sales Associate

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

Alison Hazel, DVM
Amanda Manoa
Bob Nightwalker
Chad Wickham
Jan Bova
Joyce Benesh-Williams
Lea Peshock
Mimi Gillatt
Noonie Yaron
Sheila Holliday

Learn more about our staff here

Board of Directors

Jessica Bergen, President
Sarah Pizzo, Vice President
Daniel Kugel, Treasurer
Amy Millard, Secretary
Dara Miles
Jake Puzio
John Stalick
Josh Vaisman
Maggie Nguyen
Mary Jo Lakhal
Melinda Helmick
Sareena Enloe, DVM

Learn more about our board here

Annual Report

Learn more about how we operate in our Annual Report.

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