Sponsor An Animal

Canada goose in splint

Would you like to make a contribution toward the care of our wild patients? By sponsoring an animal at the Center, you provide monetary support for caging, specialized diets, and medication for your animal. In return, you will receive a personalized certificate with your sponsored animal’s name and photo as well as the story of how the animal came to Greenwood.

Sponsorship fees will vary depending on the particular species you wish to sponsor. The costs to rehabilitate any animal can vary depending on their condition upon arrival.

The following is a list of the most common species admitted to Greenwood and our suggested sponsorship fee. Our list of patients is not necessarily limited to these animals and, if you would like, we can assign you a less common species upon request.

Squirrel with teddy bear

Songbird (Robins, Jays, Woodpeckers) – $45
Small Mammal (Squirrels, Cottontails, Chipmunks) – $65
Waterfowl/Shorebirds (Ducks, Geese, Gulls) – $75
Raccoons – $100
Medium-sized Mammals (Foxes, Coyotes) – $150

To sponsor an animal, fill out one of the forms below and email or mail it, along with your donation, to:

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
P.O. Box 18987
Boulder, CO 80308

Email:  jenny@greenwoodwildlife.org

Microsoft Word icon Animal Sponsorship Form (Word)

PDF icon Animal Sponsorship Form (PDF)