Celebrate National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day, March 10!

Greenwood is excited to announce the establishment of March 10 as National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day (NWRAD) to recognize and raise awareness about the thousands of licensed wildlife rehabilitators across the United States who selflessly and tirelessly care for orphaned and injured wildlife so that they can be released back into their natural habitats.



Here’s how you can help show appreciation: 

1. Send your local wildlife rehabilitator a simple, “Thank you!” card – click here for Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s rehabilitators list.
2. Bring lunch or snacks – rehabilitators often don’t have the time to stop and make meals!
3. Volunteer! Ask what you can do to help for the day, or if there’s anything on their wish list that you can donate – click here for Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s rehabilitators list.
4. Donate!


Visit http://wildliferehabbers.org to share your story about how a wildlife rehabber helped you!


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